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Event Detail: Torah Study

Date/Time: Saturday, February 16, 9:00 AM
Details: Shabbat Morning Torah Study is held every Saturday at WRT in the Sifriyah (library). Minyan: 9:00-9:25; Refreshments: 9:25-9:35 AM; Discussion: 9:35-11:05 AM. Each Shabbat morning we gather informally to read and discuss the week's Torah portion. Reading from the Triennial division of the Torah (in which 1/3 of each week's parasha is encountered and thus the entire Torah is completed over a cycle of three years), our Torah study is warm, open to all, and lay-led with clergy regularly participating. Visiting scholars periodically add their own insights as they lead the lively discussion. The morning starts with a brief Shabbat service.

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