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Event Detail: The Vagaries of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Film

Date/Time: Sunday, February 10, 3:30 PM
Details: Join us during four powerful afternoons of film and discussion with one of WRT's most beloved guest speakers, Miri Kubovy.

This year our series of Israeli films will explore several documentaries revealing fascinating aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: -No. 17 Anonymous (screening February 3, 2013) records the fascinating attempt at identifying a missing mysterious individual who was killed in a terrorist attack on a bus in Megiddo;

-Luxuries (screening February 10, 2013), depicts the consequences of the blockade on Gaza that limits the flow of luxurious foods and goods;

-Luz and Ido (screening March 3, 2013) explore the insurmountable difficulties of two families: a secular one, whose son becomes orthodox, and an orthodox family whose adopted daughter leaves the religion;

-Storm of Emotions (screening March 17, 2013) documents the complexity of the unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

Miri Kubovy is a Harvard professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (retired), and an honorary professor at the Free University of Berlin. Currently she teaches Hebrew literature and cultural studies at the City University of New York, The New School University, Central Synagogue, and the JCC in Manhattan.

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