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High Holidays

The High Holy Days at WRT bring our entire congregation together in joyful connection and re-connection. Think of it as our annual family reunion!  These 10 Days of Awe invigorate our spiritual core through Teshuva (repentance), Tefila (prayer), and Tzedakah (righteous giving and living). We leave the experience of the Days of Awe more deeply connected to one another as a community, more in touch with the themes of our tradition. Music both intimate and soaring, and wisdom that nourishes both mind and heart, will complement and enrich our prayer experience.  

Last year we introduced the new Machzor (High Holy Day Prayer Book) of the Reform Movement, Mishkan HaNefesh (“Sanctuary of the Soul”).  Many of you commented on its artistry, depth, timelessness, and insights into the contemporary Jewish experience. Comprehensively reimagined for 21st-Century congregations, Mishkan HaNefesh is a beautifully bound two-volume set that frames the traditional liturgy of Rosh Ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur in intellectually stimulating, spiritually elevating language while striving for ease of use and accessibility for all generations, attuned to a diverse congregation encompassing different kinds of Jewish belief and practice.  If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to dedicate a set of prayer books, please consider this way of supporting the temple, and just let us know you’re interested.

Our clergy and volunteer leadership are especially eager to meet you during the holidays and to invite you into a deeper relationship with WRT. This year, please take a moment to meet our talented clergy team:  Rabbi Jonathan E. Blake, Cantor Jill Abramson, Rabbi David E. Levy, Cantor Amanda Kleinman, Rabbi Daniel Reiser, Cantor Mia Fram Davidson, and Rabbinic Intern Eliana Fischel.

WRT also takes special pride, as the new year approaches, in acknowledging our congregation’s special connection with the three heads of the principal institutions of Reform Judaism:  Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, and our rabbi emeritus; Rabbi Aaron Panken, President of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and our congregant; and Rabbi David Stern, President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, who grew up at WRT as the son of our Rabbi Emeritus Jack Stern, Jr., of blessed memory. We salute their leadership and will look forward for opportunities to welcome each of them back to WRT in 5778.   

From all of us at WRT, we wish you a sweet and satisfying conclusion to 5777 and a hopeful and happy welcome to 5778 when we gather in September. 

B’shalom u’vrakha — with peace and blessing,

Rabbi Jonathan Blake

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Download a copy of the High Holidays Schedule and Information

5778/2017 High Holidays Schedule
* Services marked with an asterisk * are open to the community. Non-Member Entrance Cards must be requested in advance.

Erev Rosh HaShanah
Wednesday, September 20

 5:00 pm  *Family Service - Beit Midrash (Non-Members are welcome)
 5:45 pm   Main Service - Sanctuary

Rosh HaShanah
Thursday, September 21

 8:45 am  Early Main Service - Sanctuary (Lew-Z) 
 9:15 am  Early Family Service - Beit Midrash (Lew-Z)
11:30 am  Late Family Service - Beit Midrash (A-Lev)
11:45 am  Late Main Service - Sanctuary (A-Lev)
  3:00 pm  *Tot Service - Beit Midrash (Non-Members are welcome)
  5:45 pm  *Tashlich with Young Israel of Scarsdale (Carpenter Pond)

Rosh HaShanah
(second day)

Friday, September 22

10:00 am  *Morning Service - Sanctuary 
                (Entrance Cards not required. Non-Members are welcome)
10:00 am  *Alternative Movement Service – CJL 

Kol Nidre / Yom Kippur
Friday, September 29

 5:00 pm  *Family Service - Beit Midrash (Non-Members are welcome)
 5:45 pm  Early Main Service - Sanctuary (A-Lev)
 8:30 pm  Late Main Service - Sanctuary (Lew-Z)

Yom Kippur
Saturday, September 30

 8:45 am  Early Main Service - Sanctuary (A-Lev)
 9:15 am  Early Family Service - Beit Midrash (A-Lev)
11:30 am  Late Main Service - Sanctuary (Lew-Z)
11:30 am  Late Family Service - Beit Midrash (Lew-Z)
11:30 am  Adult Study Group - CJL
 2:15 pm   *Musical Meditation and Alternate Yizkor - Sanctuary 
                 (Non-Members are welcome)
 2:30 pm   *Tot Service - Beit Midrash (Non-Members are welcome)
 3:30 pm   *Afternoon Service, Yizkor, Ne’ilah - Sanctuary
                  (Non-Members are welcome)