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Students in our Religious School become part of a vibrant Jewish community which is created through shared experiences of learning, celebration and social action. Our curriculum offers both formal and informal learning opportunities for students and their families as well as choices of schedule, including our nationally-recognized Sharing Shabbat program where children and parents worship and learn together.

Children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade participate in our Mishpachton program, where the focus is on making a personal connection to the stories of our Torah. Formal Hebrew studies begin in 3rd grade. Our Hebrew curriculum focuses on prayer for the development of reading skills and vocabulary and as a source of Jewish values and story. All students participate in weekly worship experiences as well as music classes, and have opportunities to explore Judaism and Hebrew language using computers.

Beginning in 5th grade, students customize and personalize their experience through our J-Lectives (Jewish Electives) program. Our popular 8th through 12th grade program Mercaz (Center) offers students further options to connect with friends and Jewish role models, including, in 10th grade Confirmation, the opportunity for in-depth study and participation in social action projects with our clergy.

Our Religious School provides meaningful opportunities for all students to find and explore their own unique path to Jewish identity and involvement. For more information, contact Sorel Goldberg Loeb, Director of Lifelong Learning, Sorel.Loeb@wrtemple.org.