WRT in Action

WRT Plants a Mitzvah Garden

In honor of Earth Day, the Sharing Shabbat Families gather together to plant a Mitzvah Garden next to the CJL patio.  We planted a burlap sack garden containing a mixture of lettuces, radishes, scallions, and edible flowers.  The intent that accompanied this Mitzvah Garden was to think about the Earth, the nourishment it provides us, and the healing we must help our planet undergo.  Each participant – parents and children – painted a sign to decorate the garden.  The signs reflected the intent and meaning that each individual brought to this work.  In the end there were images of hope, nature, sunlight, community, and beauty.  With some care, watering, sunlight, nourishment, and luck, the greens will grow so that we can donate the harvest to HOPE Services.  Learn more about Environmental Impact at WRT.  To read more about this project click here and be sure to take a walk outside and visit the garden.


Fulfilling the Mitzvah of Matanot La’evyonim    

Along with the WRT festivities of Purim, the JLL and ECC, with the help of the rest of the congregation through their donations of food, fulfilled the mitzvah of matanot la’evyonim by helping to fight food insecurity right here in Westchester County.  The ECC 3s and 4s classes and the JLL Teens fulfilled the mitzvah of matanot la’evyonim (giving to those in need).  The students filled breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner bags for donation to Feeding Westchester, which helps local Westchester residents and families who are experiencing food insecurity and Lifting Up Westchester.

Sharing Shabbat and Family Mitzvah Corps Volunteer with Mott Haven Fridge

In November 2021, Sharing Shabbat and Family Mitzvah Corps came together to volunteer for Mott Haven Community Fridge, a non-profit that helps gather, sort, and repackage fresh produce that would otherwise be thrown away. Volunteers then drive and deliver that produce to community fridges around the Bronx, helping to feed our neighbors in need with nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be too expensive or difficult to find. As we began our work together that morning, Rabbi Levy reminded the group of our sacred obligation to feed the hungry, and Cantor Rodnizki led everyone in a special blessing thanking God for the opportunity to help repair the world.