At WRT, holidays and festivals mark the sacred moments in time that bring our community together in observance and celebration. Each holiday prompts us to experience the unique sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the season, as well as to engage in the learning, social action, and arts and culture associated with its special moment.

The first date specified for each occasion marks the evening when the holiday begins since days on the Jewish calendar begin at sunset.

 Jewish Year 5781 5782
 Secular Dates Sept. 2020–Sept. 2021 Sept. 2021–Sept. 2022
 Selichot Service Sept 12 Aug 28
 Rosh Hashanah Sept 18-20 Sept 6-8
 Yom Kippur Sept 27-28 Sept 15-16
 Sukkot Oct 2-9 Sept 20-27
 Shemini Atzeret – Simchat Torah Oct 9-10 Sept 27-28
 Chanukah Dec 10-18 Nov 28- Dec 6
 Tu BiShvat Jan 27-28 Jan 16-17
 Purim Feb 25-26 Mar 16-17
 Pesach Mar 27-Apr 3 Apr 15-22
 Yom Hashoah Apr 7-8 Apr 27-28
Yom Hazikaron Apr 14-15 May 3-4
Yom Haatzmaut Apr 15-16 May 4-5
 Lag Ba’Omer Apr 29-30 May 18-19
 Shavuot May 16-17 Jun 4-5
 Tisha B’Av Jul 17-18 Aug 6-7